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Greater Noida, India-based DipanshuTech Solutions is a website design and development company. From a straightforward static site to full-fledged business solutions, we are web specialists with over 12 years of experience to assist you in achieving your objectives. We offer the whole spectrum of web services, from design to Internet marketing, SEO, and beyond.

The majority of today’s electronic commerce goes by the abbreviation B2B. Both electronic market transactions between organizations and interorganizational system (IOS) transactions are included. Business-to-business electronic commerce means that the buyers are individual consumers, whereas B2B suggests that both the supplier and the buyer are business entities (the transaction will be between business to business people). When it comes to business to business, a set national. A company or business establishes electronic connections with suppliers, distributors, resellers, and other business partners when doing business to business.

B2B Portal Development